Learn the Holistic Cancer Treatment That Defied the Odds and Restored Henry Back to Health!

Sadly, cancer in dogs is on the rise. I first became aware of this dog cancer epidemic when my dog Henry was diagnosed with a malignant form of Hemangiosarcoma.

Given six weeks to live with no real chance of remission, I had look for an alternative approach to save him. My research helped me develop a holistic approach that worked wonders for us… and hopefully, now you!


henry-When my dog Henry was diagnosed with cancer, his  life expectancy was six weeks, and even the best conventional treatment couldn’t save him. But by applying a powerful holistic treatment combined with proper diet, he’s still here & healthy 3 years later.

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henry-There are a number of herbs & supplements that can add powerful health benefits to your dogs diet. When added to a species appropriate diet, they help to create a diet treatment that helps prevent illness and promotes optimum canine health.

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Why is a Holistic Canine Cancer Treatment so Important?

Well… there are a few reasons, and it’s important to understand what’s causing this steep rise in Dog Cancer.

Food is the foundation of health as well a major contributor to disease. So when addressing an illness such as cancer, the proper canine diet is of the utmost importance. Without out it, the disease is actually being promoted, and any attempt to restore health is significantly diminished.

Predisposed Does Not Mean Predetermined!

Some breeds are more susceptible to specific types of cancer, and many breeds are faced with some serious health challenges. This however, does not mean that developing cancer is predetermined for them, or that remission is not possible. In fact, most dogs have healthy genes, it’s the external factors, not their DNA that causes the development of so many diseases.

DNA is simply a blueprint of cells, and the body’s health is really the health of the cells.  When external factors compromise the immune system, the cells are unable to function properly opening the door for diseases such as cancer to develop.

Canine Cancer Causing Factors

  • Carcinogens & toxins found in commercially manufactured foods
  • Indigestible grainsand other “non species appropriate” ingredients
  • Malnutrition, due to malabsorption, from an inappropriate diet
  • Environmental pollutants, especially herbicides/weed killers, and flee/tick products
  • Breed Genetics & immune system dysfunction
  • Lack of whole food sources and variety

Conventional Treatments Have Their Benefits & Their Limitations

Conventional medicine has its strong points, especially when it comes to diagnosis and emergencies. However, when it comes to cancer prevention and promoting health for the long term, conventional approaches alone fall well short of being successful. Conventional treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy only focus on the tumor but fail to address the underlying problems.

Holistic veterinarians & practitioners understand this and take into consideration the overall health of the dog and the underlying factors causing the illness to ensure the best possible chance for recovery.

Commercially Manufactured Foods & Canine Cancer

In recent decades there’s been an increase in many types of canine illnesses especially those related to the digestive tract. Over the years commercially processed foods have become far less and simple lack the proper nutrients needed to sustain a healthy immune system. Loaded with cheap fillers such as grains and corn which are indigestible to canines, these inappropriate ingredients cause complications in the dogs digestive tract over time.

Once the digestive tract is challenged, the immune system,(which is directly linked to the digestive tract) often begins to malfunction giving rise to a whole host of diseases and illnesses such as cancer in dogs.

Feeding for a Carnivore or Omnivore?

Dogs have evolved to be able to eat a wide variety of foods in order to survive through the tough times. This however, does not mean that they are omnivores and their internal physiology shows us that they are most definitely carnivores. There’s a big difference between foods they can eat and foods they must eat in order to promote optimum health.

The Proper Canine Diet

What is the proper canine diet and how is it different from the current diet that dogs commonly receive? This needs to be understood, as over time, the commercial diet has strayed far from the proper diet for reasons of profits, not health.

It’s important to start with the physiology of a dog as a canine species and what this species needs to thrivenot just survive for awhile.

Designing a Powerful Canine Cancer Diet to Restore Health

To create the best canine cancer diet for your pooch, it’s important to first understand the dietary needs of a dog. Then we can begin to look at what powerful cancer fighting herbs, and health promoting supplements work well in a dogs system.

To better understand, in the book I go over and simplify:

  • The nutritional needs of a dog
  • Ancestral and Evolutionary style diets
  • “BARF” of Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding
  • The Commercially Manufactured diet and things to avoid
  • Cancer fighting foods that are appropriate for dogs
  • Holistic veterinarian care and approaches to disease
  • Herbs and supplements that boost the immune system as well as fight cancer cells
  • How to prepare and store your dogs food easily and safely
  • Best online sources to order high quality herbs

Henry’s Amazing Story

For years, even I thought I was doing a good job at feeding my dog Henry by choosing only the “healthiest” high end kibble. It wasn’t until he developed cancer that I truly learned of the proper canine diet.

Fortunately, I found that feeding the proper diet, can help lead to remission, especially when combined with holistic herbs and supplements to make a Powerful Holistic Cancer Treatment.

Henry’s story was nothing short of miraculous! Given 6 to 8 weeks to live and covered in tumors, he was restored back to health and has remained in remission for over three years now…. and still counting.

The amazing thing about this is that this result was achieved with this holistic cancer treatment alone.

This amazed even me as I watched tumors slowly, dissolve and then completely disappear without Chemo or surgery! Since then, I’ve shared this story and valuable information with many other dog owners helping them realize similar outcomes.