The eBook

How the Canine Cancer Diet can Help You

When my dog Henry was first diagnosed with cancer, I had a hard time finding useful information that I could take action on. Conventional treatments didn’t really make too much sense in our particular circumstance, so I knew I was going to have to take a different approach to save my boy.

Understanding of the importance of proper nutrition, and being aware of holistic treatments that had been successful in treating cancer in humans, I knew the answer was out there….I just had to find it!

My approach was to take the information from these holistic & alternative success cases, and cross references it with a dog’s dietary needs to create a holistic canine cancer diet treatment that would help us… and now hopefully you.

I Had Already Been Feeding Him a Healthy Diet… or so I Thought

I had learned about many dog food issues with commercially manufactured foods earlier on when looking into some bad allergies that Henry had developed.

Taking the advise of multiple conventional veterinarians, I fed only the highest quality dog food that they recommended. There was a noticeable improvement, but his allergies were still very bad and he was prescribed Prednisone.

As it turned out, the expensive “high end” kibble I been feeding was still far from the proper canine diet and failed to deliver the essential nutrients needed to restore and maintain health… as I soon found out.  It was only then that I learned of the proper canine diet, and realized it’s true importance.

Henry’s Truly Amazing Story

Henry was diagnosed with malignant hemangiosarcoma and given 6 to 8 weeks to live. He was in bad shape and quickly became covered in tumors, some the size of golf balls. I prepared myself for the worst, but set out to do whatever I could to help him.

Against all odds, and to the amazement of  many (including myself to some extent) Henry made a miraculous recovery. What was truly amazing was that the tumors dissolved away without any surgery or chemo! This was an extremely rare case considering the type of cancer and the advanced stage of it. In fact, it was unheard of!

As friends and family were amazed, and Veterinarians looked confused, I realized the importance of this rare case and decided to share this holistic cancer diet those who needed some help.

The Book I was Looking for…

I wrote this book with the intention of creating the book that I was looking for in the beginning. Short and direct, yet packed full of all the information you need to construct the Proper Canine Cancer Diet.

It’s laid out in a streamline fashion making it easy to take immediate action. I list multiple quality sources for herbs and supplements, in order to help save you time in getting started.

I walk through my journey with Henry as well as breakdown the Canine Cancer Diet in an easy to understand manner. Like many others, I think you’ll find this book informative, as well as inspirational.