Henry’s Story

Six Weeks to Live

When Henry was diagnosed with a highly malignant form of Hemangiosarcoma, his prognosis was a life expectancy of six weeks to eight weeks without treatment. Even with the best conventional treatment, it was still less than six months, with no chance of remission.

He was in bad shape and was developing visible tumors all over. I prepared myself for the worst, but set out to do what I could for my boy.

Putting Henry through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy only to die within a few months didn’t seem like much of an option and I knew I’d have to find and alternative method to help him.

Holistic Cancer treatment for dogs

The Research & Shocking Discoveries

I began to research Hemangiosarcoma and cancer in dogs in the hopes of finding some useful information. I soon learned that 25% of dogs would die of cancer and that this was a growing epidemic.

On top of that, I found evidence that the improper diet is largely responsible for this rise in canine cancer and that even I had been feeding what could be considered a poor diet. Understanding the value of proper nutrition, my aim was to find out what exactly was the “Proper Canine Diet”.

I then started to focus my research on alternative (holistic) approaches that had been successful in treating cancer in humans. This is where I found some hope, as there were holistic treatments that seemed promising.

The Treatment

My approach was to take some of the holistic therapies that had been successful in humans and cross reference them with a dogs natural dietary needs, then combine the the two together for Henry.

Staying true to the proper canine diet, I used cancer fight foods combined with health promoting herbs to create the ultimate holistic canine cancer diet plan.

The Results

Against all odds and to the amazement of  many (including myself to some extent) Henry made a miraculous recovery. What was truly amazing was that the tumors dissolved away without any surgery or chemo! This was an extremely rare case considering the type of cancer and the advanced stage of it. In fact, it was unheard of!

As friends and family were amazed and Veterinarians looked confused, I realized the importance of this rare case and decided to share this holistic cancer diet and the research for those who needed some help.