Homemade is Healthiest

Making your dogs food at home is the healthiest possible meal your dog can receive (if made correctly). Homemade dog food can improve so many health aspect of your dog as well as being a cheaper alternative to high priced specialty dog foods. Even the best prepackaged dog foods don’t compare to a properly designed homemade dog food. You know exactly whats in your dogs food, as well as how much.

homemade dog foodThe holistic health benefits are long and not only will your dog live a much healthier happier life, but in the long run you’ll save money with few vet visits. Most domesticated dogs eat a very poor diet that generally consists of a dry, processed kibble. This is the worst diet a dog can have and the rising  health issues in dogs is a testament to that.

Weather it’s  BARF or raw dog food style diet (which I highly recommend), or a cooked diet with whole foods, homemade grain free dog food can be easy and rewarding to prepare. There are a number of different feeding methods and homemade dog food recipes as well as homemade dog treat recipes available. Once you develop a system and see the results in your dogs health, you’ll never go back to commercially manufactured foods again. Read Henry’s Story to learn how by feeding  the proper canine diet alone, amazing results can be realized.